Moving into Autumn 2011

Today I updated the blog’s content for the first time in a few months. Over the course of the summer I found coverage from both the Chicago and Minneapolis newspapers. Important as Flight 705 was headed to Chicago that February 12th and Minneapolis was the home base of Northwest Orient. Different accounts of the accident. Different stories of the loss felt by so many.

The past few days have brought the first posts to the blog by several individuals who are well connected to 705’s saga. To hear from them is, as one of them wrote, very comforting. How remarkable, after so many decades, to connect with those who know exactly what this part of one’s past means. Especially since I’ve viewed the accident and loss of my dad through such a singular prism since 1963: what it meant to our family. Because we lived in Seattle, we weren’t connected to the communities where most of 705’s crew and passengers lived. Who knows if that would have made a difference? If, by somehow knowing other families who mourned that day, and for years afterwards, it would have made it easier?

Welcome to Kathy and Bobbi, the family of First Officer Robert K. Feller.

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2 Responses to Moving into Autumn 2011

  1. Linda Broman Deweese says:

    Very interesting stuff! My grandmother was on that flight. I never met her as this happened years before I came along. Oddly enough, I grew up in S Florida and still live there today. I’ve heard some stories about the crash, but not much. I do find it odd that my grandmother is mostly listed as Mrs EH Tengerstron Mr Tengerstron’s neice. This is not true. Her name was Mrs Signe Broman….I did see it mentioned correctly in one of the newspaper articles. She also wasn’t his neice. I wonder how they got the information. Im also curious about the suits associated with the case. I had heard something about a crooked attorney and how alot of people lost money. Im sorry for your loss and glad that you have provided this information.

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Dear Linda,

      Welcome. I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandmother, and particularly, that you never got to meet her. That’s a tough connection to your past. I never met my dad’s mother either. She passed before I was born and I sorely miss that connection.

      The Seattle Times coverage of the accident listed your grandmother as Signe Broman. I’m not sure why the other newspapers got it wrong. Perhaps because those newspapers [Florida, Minnesota, etc.] were the first to report on the incident, with information gathered quickly from the airline, which was scrambling to respond to media, and therefore, their responses were not substantiated. Subsequent newspapers, further removed geographically, maybe had the time and space to get it right. This was all in the days pre-“instant news.” No internet, email. No 24 hours news coverage. Hence the potential for errors.

      Thank you so much for writing. All the best.


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