Flight 705: To the Women

Stewardesses_Flight 705_edit01These women would have been the face of Northwest Orient Airlines to 705’s passengers that day.

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2 Responses to Flight 705: To the Women

  1. Gwenyth Evans says:

    Mary Sandel was a friend of mine from Donaldson’s department store. When I took a job with NWA, she was so excited that she eventually went to them for an interview. She hadn’t been flying very long when the accident happened. I wore my uniform to her funeral downtown. The only thing I remember about it is staring at my NWA spectator pumps and noticed that all the people sitting near me were also from NWA. She was such a dear girl & we had great friends at Donaldson’s and double dated once in awhile. I missed her.
    She was very close to her brother & very proud of him. He must know that.
    If I remember back that far, we didn’t call her Mary, we called her Sue. Why, I don’t know.

    Gwenyth (Jenkins) Evans

    • T.L. Heil says:


      This was so poignant to read and I’m so thankful you sent it in. It’s really neat to know something about Mary “Sue” Sandel. Was Donaldson’s Dept. Store in Minneapolis? Did you know her before that?

      Here’s to Sue’s memory. She will be remembered here.


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