In memory of Lee Younkin

Courtesy of an old friend, George Bodem. With thanks for him for taking the time to recall Lee’s life and share it.

Thanks to you Lee, and the other stewardesses on board that day. You would have been the official Northwest Orient Airlines touchstone to Flight 705’s passengers.

Please read here:  LeeYounkin

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2 Responses to In memory of Lee Younkin

  1. George Bodem says:

    Thanks for adding the long lost photo of Lee. The Star Tribune searched in vain for it. Warm regards to you all on this cold day Minnesota. But the sun is up, so am I, and that’s a good start to the 51st year.

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Most definitely! When I get home from work tonight I’ll try cleaning up the pic a bit. Long saved newsprint leaves much to be desired. I always thought she had the most amazing smile.

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