In Memory of John McWhorter

The story of Flight 705 cannot be told without mentioning the work of the man who led the investigation into the accident, John McWhorter. According to his very close friend, David McDonald, “John was extremely thorough and professional in leading the investigation and left no stones unturned in getting to the bottom of what happened.” From securing the crash site, to ensuring that all parts of the aircraft were retrieved, to the reconstruction of the plane to determine what happened, John was dedicated to ensuring that lessons were learned from the accident that day in February, 1963:  his work figures prominently in the Civil Aeronautics Board report on Flight 705 that is contained on this website under “Newspaper Coverage and Documents.” Below you will find the citation from the Civil Aeronautics Board commending McWhorter for his work on the accident.  19660608_McWhorterCitation_705

John, whose birthday was February 17,  passed away in March 2011, just after this blog was begun. Here’s to your work John, with profound thanks from the Heil family.

John’s obituary is posted here as are three photos of him near the 705 site:

Photo 1: McWhorter with 705’s black box

Photo 2: McWhorter entering a press briefing

Photo 3: McWhorter at press briefing at the Miccosukee Indian School near the crash site. The school served as the CAB [Civil Aeronautics Board] Communications Center, as well as a temporary morgue for the victims.


McWhorterBlackBox_WM McWhorterBlackBox01_WM McWhorterBlackBox02_WM

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2 Responses to In Memory of John McWhorter

  1. Barbara Barry says:

    very nice T:)

  2. Emma Fox says:

    Grateful to Mr. McWhorter for all his work and dedication to sorting thoroughly through all facts of this incident, and ensuring that lessons were learned for the future. He sounds like he was a good man!

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