In Memory . . .

To the memory of those aboard Northwest Orient Flight 705,

and your departure from us 51 years ago today. . .

To their descendents, and friends who still remember . . .

We raise a toast. And are so grateful for your time here with us. 


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13 Responses to In Memory . . .

  1. janice gould says:

    remembering my Mom, Sally Smigiel, and Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow’s beloved grandmother, this day 51 yrs ago that forever changed our lives……..we love you both…

  2. ray carlson says:


  3. says:

    Much love to you Daddy Jack, you are missed every day.

  4. Kris Terp says:

    Much love to the Grandma & Grandpa I never knew.

  5. Barbara Barry says:

    Sending heartfelt greetings to all who were touched by this tragedy.
    May our Loved Ones be forever remembered and cherished.
    Miss you Dad.
    Barbara Heil Barry
    PS Thanks Theresa, for creating this forum, to remember these people and that day.

    • janice gould says:

      thank you Theresa, for never forgetting our loved ones and creating this forum so that we can connect with those that share in this pain…. thank you Theresa… jan gould
      (daughter of Sally Smigiel)

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Thanks for making it to Holyrood and creating such a nice flower tribute for Dad yesterday. Much appreciated by all of us who are a long distance from there.

  6. sandy goodwin Shapiro says:

    in memory of my parents Ted and Mildred Goodwin, I miss you ! Sandy Goodwin Shapiro

  7. Janice Gould says:

    Sending hugs to all who are connected through this tragedy……Janice gould (lost my Mom, Sally Smigiel)

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