52 Years

Who would have thought? That one day, so many years past, February 12 could still drag heavy on the heart.

Here’s to a lightening of that load if you still carry it.  Here’s to releasing remaining sorrow. Of what didn’t happen in their lives, in our lives, because they left us.

Here’s to their essence, their joy, their spark. Who they were. The good they left behind. What they did while they were here. Remember it brightly. And carry it forward.

In Memory of Those Aboard Flight 705, February 12, 1963.

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10 Responses to 52 Years

  1. Barbara Barry says:

    Sending peace and healing to all who were affect with such a tragic loss from this air crash.
    Still missing you Dad,
    Always and Forever,
    Barbara Ann

  2. Barbara Barry says:

    Thank you Theresa for creating this blog about Flight 705. Will there be a memorial in the Everglades for this Flight?
    Love You,

  3. T.L. Heil says:

    Love ya B.
    Big hugs, T.

  4. Janice Gould says:

    Theresa, first thought this morning when I awoke, was the recollection of this horrific day in my life – had just turned 16 and lost, so tragically, my precious Mom, whom I adored. To this day, there isn’t a day that goes by that some thought, memory of her is with me……so hard to believe its 52 years, yet seems like yesterday that tragedy unfolded… my most warm and loving thoughts to all who suffered as a result of this tragedy, and to my Mom, I will never forget you and always love you….Janice (Smigiel) Gould

  5. george bodem says:

    Hi TL,George Bodem here in Minneapolis, friend of Flight Attendant Lee Younkin. Thanks for keeping this going. I won’t be forgetting this date ever. On another subject, the Costa Concordia. Note that its Captain, who failed the ship and its passengers, was just sentenced to 16 years jail time in Italy. Two of the deaths aboard the ship were residents of the Twin Cities. They were retirees named Barbara and Gerald Heil. Could they be any relatives of yours? Best regards,George Bodem4748 Thomas Ave. S.Minneapolis, MN 55410

  6. Kathy Feller Summers says:

    Theresa, thank you so much for keeping our connection ongoing. I woke up this morning with my heart sad that I hadn’t had my Dad ( he was the copilot)with me for 52 years and for all the others that lost loved one on that flight. My Dad and Mom had been married for 16 years,they lost 8 babies and my brother and I were the only 2 to survive, so we were much adored children, I still feel the love from them. (Mom died 14 yrs ago and she was never well after Dad died). My story isn’t all that different from your and many others. I’m just glad I had my Dad for 12 beautiful loved years. Thanks for educating me regarding our Dads flight. Peace be to you

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Hi Kathy, good to hear from you again. You can tell your Dad, and Mom, left a legacy of kindness on this planet in you. And that is quite a memorial to them both. You take care. Theresa

  7. Greg Terp says:

    I will never forget the day, 52 years ago, coming home from school and NW Orient uniform person coming to our door.

    Elizabeth and Wilbur Christianson were able have an enormous impact on me in my 7 years of life. I love and miss my grandparents, but more importantly I appreciate the time I had with them!

    We all lost a special piece of our lives in the Everglades in 1963, my thoughts and prayers are with each of you, and my brother, sister and aunt.

    Thank you for a web site honoring/remembering those taken from us as it gives time to reflect.

    • Janice Gould says:

      Greg – thank you for your nice posting and your memory of this tragedy – it is amazing the ripple effect this horrible tragedy had on so many of us that have stayed with us throughout our lives…..Peace to you, Greg…..jan

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful letter. You and I were just a few months apart in age when this happened. It’s really neat that you remember your grandparents with such affection and that you value the way they shaped your life in the seven years you shared together. That’s a lovely testament to the people they were. Thanks for letting me know that this online community serves a purpose for you and yours. You take good care and be well.

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