February 12, 2019

It is a cold snowy morning here this day. Once again, as throughout the year, thoughts turn to our loved ones who left us 56 years ago today: You live on in the hearts of the families and friends you left behind and who mourn you still.

This website has been a gathering point over the past eight years, a commons for those who lived the story of Flight 705, who have remembered and reflected on that day and its implications. Once again, I give thanks to my daughter Sarah who helped create this virtual bridge for a landing place for us back in 2011. When I voiced a long held desire to connect with others affected by this event, she provided this idea for connection.

So to all who have written in, even though we’ve never met, it’s great to hear from you. To hear your sentiments of how the past five-plus decades have touched your lives brings comfort in a profound way: there are shared threads of how this affected all of us.

Thanks for touching base. Perhaps, in the next five years, we can collectively move forward to a permanent monument for those aboard Flight 705 in Everglades National Park. Please share your thoughts.

We all share a special bond. Here’s to your hearts being in a good place this February.




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10 Responses to February 12, 2019

  1. Marcia Tobey says:

    Thank you Teri for setting up the blog and for uniting the families of the loved ones who perished on this day, 56 years ago. Marcia Tobey

  2. Janice Gould says:

    Woke up this morning and my first thought was my Mom whom I lost on 705 – Sadly, I relive the day it happened as if it were yesterday…..love you Mom….(Sally Smigiel)

  3. Greg Terp says:

    God bless all of the families united by this terrible tragedy 56 years ago. I still remember that afternoon when getting home from school and the airline representatives told my mother.

    Now 56 years later, my daughter and her two children live with us, just as my mother, my sister and I did with our grandparents who were returning to Minneapolis from a trip to Miami. Every time I go out to the Everglades (I live in Miami now) I think of them.

    Best regards to all.

    Greg Terp

    • Janice Gould says:

      hello Greg — thank you for your email to all of us – I think its so wonderful that we maintain contact and recognize what we all have gone thru —it was an event that changed so many things for me…..hope u are doing well, Greg…..Janice

  4. T.L. Heil says:

    Thanks to everyone for your notes. It’s nice to connect once again. Theresa

    • Janice Gould says:

      Dear Theresa – its amazing how sometimes I cant recall what I did yesterday, yet I can give you a minute by minute rundown on the events on that horrible day as if it happened the same day….etched in my memory forever… I am happy we have this blog so we may connect…feels good to have people out there who know and understand that horrible day of February 12, 1963…Janice

  5. Kathy Feller Summers says:

    Thanks for remembering our loved ones, at times it seems like I am the only one that misses my Dad. We share the worst days in our lives and that day remains in our memories Sending prayers to all. Kathy Feller Summers

  6. blazeret says:

    I was a doorman at the Barcelona hotel in Miami Beach. This is where the Civil Aeronautics Board held proceedings on NW705. On my off time I would attend the briefing. Collected lots of documents however they are not to be found.
    Little did I know my best friend’s uncle perished on the flight.
    Later in life I was a manager for the Delta Air Lines Care Team, Aviem International and now Kenyon International.
    I have participated in over 12 disasters in my career.

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Thank you for writing in and sharing your memories on this tragedy. Did you happen to meet John McWhorter who led the accident site investigation?

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