February 12, 2021

A cold wintry day here in Washington State. This February 12 marks 58 years since families across the United States lost loved ones in the accident of Flight 705 in the Florida Everglades. The memory of these individuals stretches from those directly affected by that day to their descendants: children, grandchildren, great-grand children and more. Time has not dimmed those effects, nor the memories of those who boarded the plane that morning.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Flight 705 Memorial Website on WordPress. As always I owe a great debt to my daughter, Sarah, who encouraged and assisted me in creating it. For those who have followed this blog my heart goes out to each and every one of you. Here’s to my dad, John C. Heil Jr. and all of our loved ones who left us that day.

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4 Responses to February 12, 2021

  1. Barbara Heil Barry says:

    Thank you Theresa and Sarah for keeping these memories alive as painful as they were and sometimes still are.
    Last night as a few tears rolled out of my eyes for this tragic day, I went outside to get the mail and a gorgeous golden meteorite streaked across the sky.
    I felt like it was a special reminder to me that those that have gone from this world are always connected with those they love.
    Peace to all🙏 and much love💜,
    Barbara Heil Barry.
    Daughter of John C Heil

  2. T.L. Heil says:

    Thank you Barb for this special post about our Dad. Love you, T

  3. Sharlimar Gamlen says:

    Thank you. (Niece of Allen Ray Friesen)

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