The 60th Anniversary of Flight 705: 1963-2023

Greeting to readers of this memorial blog for the crew and passengers of Northwest Orient Flight 705. As many of you know we are approaching the sixtieth anniversary of the flight’s crash in the Florida Everglades. It was my hope to have a permanent memorial erected in the park for this milestone but, despite heartfelt efforts, it is not possible at this time.

I am writing to let you know that I will be traveling to the Everglades to mark this anniversary in person. In preparation for that I am working to compile a biographical listing for everyone aboard 705 that day. Sixty years after this event I am inviting you, their family and friends, the descendants who never knew them, to contribute your memories and information that you would like future generations to remember. For those who are unable to do so, I will rely on the obituaries that were in national newspapers.

I realize this is last minute and for that I apologize. Due to medical issues at the end of 2022, I was thrown a bit off course. I hope you will work with me to make this a reality. Please contact me at your earliest convenience with anything you would like to share: the deadline will be January 25th. Photos of your family member[s] would be most welcome. Email your materials to  I will compile the information for the National Park Service at Everglades to preserve in their permanent collection.

If any of you will be in the southern Florida area on the 12th, or around that date, please contact me to let me know: I would be honored to meet you. I am not sure what my own plans are for that day but I hope to be as close to the site as I can.  If you care to participate in a memorial on the 12th at 12:42 PM, all are welcome.  Those living a long distance away are invited to light a candle for your loved ones at noon that day and stay with us in spirit for an hour of reflection until 1:00 PM.

I will keep you posted as we move forward. With gratitude to everyone who has joined this website over the years in honor of those aboard Flight 705.


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11 Responses to The 60th Anniversary of Flight 705: 1963-2023

  1. Felix Regueira says:

    Teresa: good morning! Happy New Year! I am a Nephew of the late Ramon Donato Díaz Echevarria, the only Cuban National aboard the plane, by now am 71 and retired in Miami, Florida since September 2021. At any time you are in the area, will be happy to meet you, live in a Condominium apartment named Gables Marquis on 3232 Coral Way, next to Sergio’s Restaurant, please give me a call at 361-550-9482 if you wish to do so, in order to recognize your phone call, please furnish me your full name and the number you will be calling me from to identify you upon your call!

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Buenas Tardes Felix. I am so glad to hear from you again! I remember our previous correspondence. Thank you so much for sharing information about Ramon. I would very much like to meet you. I’ll text you when we get closer to the lift off date. Muchas gracias mi amigo. T.

  2. Karen Campbell says:

    Thank you Theresa for doing this. I wish I had something To add. I was only 7 years old when my Aunt Rose was taken from us on this flight.

  3. Sharlimar Gamlen says:

    Attached are copies of two photographs that I own.

    The color picture is the last time I saw my Uncle Allen Friesen alive. He and his wife had adopted a Korean girl near the time of his returned from service in the Korea war. Allen was a family man, and my father’s only brother.

    The other picture is of Allen Friesen. Although I would rather have Allen here, it is good to have memories and pictures. I’m glad that we can “remember” our loved ones. I was almost 5 years old at the time of the end of flight 705. My memories from that time in my life are few. Two being, the great sadness of my Grandfather and Grandmother at the loss of their child, and of President Kennedy being on T.V. and me listening and watching mesmerized.

    Allen was 10 days away from his 30th birthday when flight 705 happened. He had been married just under 4 years. The child that was adopted was born in 1960, but I’m not sure how old she was when the adoption took place, but she was still very young when the flight problem happened.

    This day of flight 705 Allen was not scheduled to be on board. He was asked to replace someone else there. I’m sorry for every family that had loved ones on board that flight. Not because I could have done anything about the lightning storm, or about what happened, but for the loss. Allen’s wife went on without a husband. Their baby daughter went on without a father. The rest of the families have “holes” of loss in their lives and generations (that didn’t have fathers, mothers, parents, children, and their descendants due to the circumstances of those moments in time).

    God is still good and I believe Allen is with God due to his having faith in God. That is the only comfort I take away from this event.

  4. Barbara Barry says:

    Many thanks Theresa for creating this place for all those of us affected by this tragedy.
    I would love to travel to Miami for the 60 th anniversary of our Dad’s passing.
    Big hugs and deep appreciation for all you have done to keep the memories of those lost, alive.
    Your sis,

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