Notice to readers:

February 2020

For the past few years you may have noticed advertising on this site. When this blog started on the free WORDPRESS site in 2011 that was not the case. That changed several years ago when WORDPRESS announced websites would remain free but only if they had embedded ads. I decided today that it was time to end that by subscribing to the paid WORDPRESS site. Our loved ones deserve better than the visual clutter of advertisements.

Additionally, after much thought, I have decided to add more information about the crew and passengers aboard Flight 705. After all, they are what matters most after from this tragedy. I welcome any family members or friends to contribute more information or photos if they are interested. I have also decided to change the format of the blog from public to private to protect the privacy of families mentioned in this blog. If you have trouble accessing the site please let me know.

Again, as always, special thanks to Sarah Fox for her part in the creation of this site.

Winter walk down Sterling Road