Crew & Passenger list

The names of passengers & crew of Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 705

February 12, 1963

This information came from the Seattle Times, February 13, 1963. Corrections made if confirmed by family members.

Capt. ROY W. ALMQUIST, 47, Rosemont, Minn.

First Officer ROBERT J. FELLER, 38, 5941 Walnut Dr., Minneapolis.

Second Officer ALLEN R. FRIESEN, 29, Hopkins, Minn.

Stewardess CONNIE RAE BLANK, 21, of 3114 E. 58th St., Minneapolis. Daughter of Mrs. Inez Blank, Spokane, Wash.

Stewardess WENDY ENGEBRETSON, 22, of 6400 Cedar Ave. So., Minneapolis. Parents:  Mr. and Mrs. E. Forsyth, Bismarck, N.D.

Stewardess MYRNA A. EWERT, 25, of 6821 Portland Ave. So., Minneapolis. Daughter of Paul Ewert, Bensenville, Ill.

Stewardess MARY S. SANDELL, 20, of 4724 Colvax Ave. So., Minneapolis. Daughter of Paul and Jane Sandell.

Stewardess VIRGINIA LEE YOUNKIN, 25, of 2109 W. 77th St., Minneapolis. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Gavin S. Younkin, 4901 Maple Rd., Minneapolis.


BALDWIN, Henry, 5 Grandwood Ave., S.W., Tacoma, Wash.

BROMAN, Signe: See entry for Tengerstron, below

CAIN, Joseph E., 5775 Sunset Lane, Indianapolis, Ind. Executive of P. R. Mallory Company, electronics manufacturer headquartered in Indianapolis.

CHRISTIANSON, Wilbur L., 2820 40th Ave. S., Minneapolis. Superintendent Kraus-Anderson, general contractors, Minneapolis.

CHRISTIANSON, Mrs. Wilbur L., 2820 40th Ave. S., Minneapolis.

DIAZ, Ramon, a Cuban refugee bound for Seattle.

ENLOE, George A., 2132 N. 128th St., Seattle, Wash, employee Alaska Airlines

GALLER, Dan, 3800 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago. Employee of United Airlines. [Galler was actually a businessman. Corrected by his nephew, 2013.]

GOODWIN, Ted, 2725 Richards Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich.

GOODWIN, Mrs. Ted, 2725 Richards Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich.

HEIL, John C. Jack, 1602 N. 47, Seattle. Sales representative, Thermo-King Corporation

HOLLERICH, Jack P., La Salle, Ill. Director National Bank of Perus Ill; President of highway construction firm.

IRWIN, W. R., Omaha, Neb.

KELINSON, M. D., 3645 Southeast Glenwood, Portland, Ore.

KELINSON, Mrs.. M. D., 3645 Southeast Glenwood, Portland, Ore.

LEBEDOW, Fanny, 6557 N. St. Louis St., Lincolnwood, Ill. [Spelling corrected by her granddaughter, 2013]

MELAHN, Arnold, Bluff Dr., Cary, Ill., contractor.

MELAHN, Mrs. A., Bluff Dr., Cary, Ill.

NIMSCH, Fred, Caracas, Venezuela, sales manager for Ransa Airlines, Miami.

OLSON III, Fred, 909 Rockwood Ave., Rockford, Ill. Junior at U. of Minnesota. Son of mortuary owner Fred Olson Jr.

OLSON, Joan, 15, [Sister of Fred-they had been visiting their parents in Florida.] 909 Rockwood Ave., Rockford, Ill.

ORZULA, Walter, Berwyn, Ill. (Spelled as Orzsule in most 1963 media coverage: corrected in 2013 by a former neighbor. See updated media coverage. Walter was the owner of Orzula Construction.)

ORZULA, Mrs. Walter, Berwyn, Ill.

ORZULA, Walter Jr., 18, son of Mr and Mrs. Walter Orzula

ORZULA, Jerilyn, 20, 3601 S. 59th Ct., Cicero, Ill., daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Walter Orzula

RAND, A. B., 112 Oxford Rd., Kennilworth, Ill.

RHEA, Gilmore, Deerfield, Ill., Illinois Division of Unemployment Compensation.

RHEA, Mrs. Gilmore, Deerfield, Ill., worked for the Military Air Transport Service at Great Lakes Training station.

REVER, Christine, 15,  Hickory Lawn Dr., Rockford, Ill. Traveling with Fred and John Olson.

SCHWENDENER, Susan, 512 James Ave., Rockford, Ill. Traveling with Christine Rever. Daughter of machine company executive.

SMIGIEL, Mrs. Anton, 7005 Harlem, Niles, Ill. Wife of police judge and president of Bank of Niles.

SRODULSKI, Mrs. Rose [Joseph], 1425 Touhy Ave., Park Ridge, Ill. Wife of Joseph, retired manufacturer.

TENGERSTRON, E. W., 3737 N. Panama, Chicago.

TENGERSTRON, Mrs. E. W., 3851 N. Ottawa, Chicago, MR. TENGERSTRON’S niece.

  • CORRECTION: This was Signe Broman, who was traveling with Eric W. Tengerstron, above. She was not his niece. Information from Broman’s granddaughter, 1-2012.

WELLS, Dr. H. E., 1230 E. 63rd St., Chicago.

WUBBOLD, Joseph, Coral Gables, Florida


20 Responses to Crew & Passenger list

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  2. Allen Moore says:

    I have a correction to some of the victim’s names.
    Walter Orzsule & families last name is spelled Orzula. Here is a link to a news account of the accident showing the proper spelling of their name. They were neighbors down the street from where we lived at the time. Walter owned Orzula Construction at the time of the accident.,6167057

  3. Allen Moore says:

    I forgot another detail. The Orzula’s home was at 3601 S 59th Court, Cicero, IL. All of the Orzula family lived there. The reason I believe that some are listed in Berwyn, IL is because Walter had his construction company office there. But they all lived at the Cicero, IL address.

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Thanks so much Allen. I corrected the spelling of the Orzula’s name on the passenger list and will post the article you sent in the next couple days. You are so kind to take the time to ensure their story is accurately reflected in the historical record. Hopefully, one day, a photo of them can surface and be included.

      Thanks kindly, Theresa

      • Janice Gould says:

        the address for my Mom, Sally Smigiel is incorrect – it should be 7805 North Harlem Avenue, Niles IL

  4. Allen Moore says:

    And lastly, after researching this more the name of the construction company owned by Walter was Orzula Builders. His company built homes all over Cicero & Berwyn, IL. May they all RIP now.

  5. greg galler says:

    My uncle Dan Galler was not working for the airline he was a business man.

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Hi Greg, welcome to this website. The occupations of each of the passengers was given in the newspaper coverage at the time. I appreciate you sending the correction; I’ll update the list. Theresa

  6. greg galler says:

    Did you go to the cab meetings at the barcelona hotel in Miami mid 60s?

  7. Dolores Shodin says:

    My husbands Grandmother was Jennie (Tengerstrom ) Shodin (Sjodin) who lived in Kenora Ontario Canada until her death in 1976.. I believe E.W. Tengerstrom was her brother and that he was traveling with his sister-in-law at the time. Erik’s wife and his brother were traveling by car. I have a newspaper article saved by my husbands grandmother. She had one son Edwin (deceased 1976 ) who had 7 children.

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Dolores, many thanks for this information on Erik Tengerstrom. I would very much appreciate a copy of the article if you could send it. Do you know the name of Erik’s sister-in-law that he was traveling with?

      • Janice Gould says:

        does anyone have newspaper articles from the Chicago area regarding this accident? I was told my father, my sister and myself were on the front page of the Chicago Tribune as we were all waiting for my Mom on NW 705

      • T.L. Heil says:

        Janice, that coverage from the Chicago area was reposted in other newspapers. If you look at the media file on the 705 website there is a photo of you and your Dad. I just went online and did some digging and found another picture of you. I will try and get that other media added tomorrow.

  8. Dolores Shodin says:

    Yes the article lists her as his sister-in-law Mrs. Signe Broman.61 yrs. Eric Tengerstrom was 67.
    I will try to get my daughter to send the article to you. Do you have an e-mail address.
    My husbands family was recently contacted by family members of his grandfather (Axel Shodin) from Sweden,we would be interested in finding out more about Jenny’s Tengerstrom relatives.I don’t know if that is possible through this web page but THANK YOU for having this web page.

  9. Bud Perfect says:

    I grew up immediately next door to the Orzula family. It was a sad day when no one came home. Walter Sr. coached his son and myself on the Little League team he sponsored a few years earlier. I think of those days often as I look back at my childhood, It was one of the most devastating days in my life.

    • T.L. Heil says:

      Bud, welcome to the Flight 705 memorial site and thank you for sharing your memories of the Orzula family. It sounds like they made an impact on your life and it’s good to know they are remembered. All the best, Theresa

  10. Ted Goodwin III says:

    Further detail on Mr. & Mrs. Ted Goodwin (my grandparents):

    Frank T. (Ted) Goodwin, age 53
    Mildred Goodwin, age 51

    By the way, every newspaper account I’ve seen that mentioned their deaths had their ages wrong. I think my grandmother was less than honest about her actual age.

  11. Felix Regueira says:

    I am also a Cuban Refugee, the oldest nephew of Ramon Díaz relocating to Seattle, WA in that flight, I was 12 years old and still residing in the island at the time! The whole family eventually left the island and I was the first to follow him at age 14 by myself, his parents and both female siblings have passed away in Miami, Florida since!

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